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Have you left room for a miracle?

It's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of January 2023. The last time I looked I was celebrating bringing in the New Year.

Are you still on track with those resolutions or goals you set? Many people make resolutions associated with health, which is fantastic. However, the statistics show us that maintaining a gym membership can be costly if you will not use it. According to Finance online and gym memberships statistics, it may not surprise you to learn that gym sign ups rise by approx. 12% in January, and then after six months most gyms lose approx. 50% of new members.

It's not too late to readjust and focus on what's most important to YOU! All too often, people have their focus "forced" on them because of working in a job that requires your goals to match those of the company you are working for. I'm not saying that you don't have goals related to your occupation, it's most important that what you are working on aligns to the overall company goals. However, in order to remain balanced, it's important to consider the four circles of your life that keep you balanced and healthy:

  • Biological Circle: How your physical body and brain function (body).

  • Psychological Circle: Developmental issues and how you think (mind)

  • Social Circle: Social support and your current life situation (connections)

  • Spiritual Circle: Your connection to God, the planet, past and future generations, and your deepest sense of meaning and purpose (spirit)

Many of you know I am a licensed Brain Health Trainer and Coach from Amen University. Its founder, Dr. Amen, created the One Page Miracle revealed in his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. In his book it states, in order to be successful in the world, we need to have clearly defined goals. Specifically, we need to know who we are and what we want to accomplish in our relationships, at work, and within ourselves. When we know what we want, we are more likely to change our behavior to get it. Being goal-directed helps keep our behavior on track and in check.

By creating your One Page Miracle and putting it in a place where it's easy to read, it will remind you of your priorities. What you think of determines your behavior. Think negative thoughts, then you will respond negatively. How many of you have a dog? What happens if you kick a dog? It will bite you. What about if you stroke the dog? It will show you love. This is the same with your thoughts. Negative thoughts = negative life; positive thoughts = positive life. I see some of you rolling your eyes and saying it's not that easy. I agree it's not that easy. Anything worth having takes work. However, you will find when you are doing what you love, then it doesn't seem like work.

Let's take a moment to complete your One Page Miracle.

Directions: Download the One Page Miracle

Download PDF • 85KB

For each area of your life, clearly write out your major goals: Biological, Psychological, Social and spiritual. There are subcategories for each area, helping you to be precise in your goals. Succinctly write out what’s important to you in that area; write what you want, not what you don’t want. Be positive and use the first person.

Write what you want with confidence and the expectation that you will make it happen and include what you are currently doing to make it happen. Work on these goals over time. After you finish it, look at your One Page Miracle every day, and then, before you do anything or say anything, ask yourself, “Is my behavior getting me what I want?” If you focus on your goals every day, it becomes much easier for you to match your behavior to get what you want. Your life becomes more conscious and you spend energy on goals that are important to you.

Think about the four circles like the wheels of a car. In order for the car to run at its optimum, all our wheels need to be balanced. If one wheel has an issue, it can cause a reaction requiring you to put your car in for a service. If your life is unbalanced, and you focus on one circle more than another, you could see yourself at the doctors, or less desirable, in the emergency room. Your body keeps score. Your brain controls everything. It's therefore important that you keep your brain healthy.

Burnout occurs when our lives become unbalanced and we overextend ourselves in one area while ignoring another.

Always remember, Your Focus
Determines your reality
George Lucas

Please share your experience of completing the One Page Miracle. I will gladly answer questions you may have.

Elaine Sephton

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