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Improving Occupational Wellness

The Occupational Wellness Dimension involves participating in activities that provide meaning and purpose and reflect personal values, interests, and beliefs, including employment.

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There are three sub dimensions for Occupational Wellness: Work Relationships, Balance, Accomplishment


Some questions to think about

  1. Are you involved in a career or volunteer work that fits your values? If retired, are you planning to do something every day?

  2. Do you have an open line of communication with your employer/ coworkers?

  3. Does your work offer personal satisfaction and stimulation, and allow you to contribute your talents, gifts,and knowledge?

Some resources

  1. Think about where you are in your career and life and pursue jobs that will work well within that framework.

  2. Explore all of your career options. Review jobs on or

  3. If you receive disability benefits, explore your work options without losing SSI/SSDI benefits until you can support yourself. To calculate the amount you can earn, go to:

  4. Talk to your employer/ coworkers about how they like to communicate so everyone can be responsive to individual needs and work styles.

  5. When something is not working at work,let people know what would help.


Some questions to think about

  1. Do you schedule time for leisure? Are you spending time with friends, taking nature walks, scheduling massages, or doing whatever it takes to relax?

  2. Are you thinking about how you spend time each day and considering volunteer work in the community?

Some resources

  1. Research careers/employment that involve the activities you enjoy most yet provide the flexibility for a balanced life.

  2. Keep a calendar. Be sure to look it over and schedule time for activities that you enjoy.

  3. Use tracking tools to balance your workload. Ask for help if your work load becomes overwhelming.


Some questions to think about

  1. Are you in a career that you look forward to and that gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride?

  2. Are you patting yourself on the back for your accomplishments?

Some resources

  1. Take the time to think of what you enjoy most, and research careers/ employment in that area.


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