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Improving Social Wellness

TheSocial Wellness Dimensioninvolves having healthyrelationships with friends,family, and the community, and having an interest in and concern for the needs of others and humankind.

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There are three sub dimesions to Social Wellness: Community, New People, Social Time


Some questions to think about

  1. Have you found support groups in your area to connect on important issues?

  2. Have you made a date with friends for a movie, dinner, coffee,or other social activities?

  3. Are you keeping in touch with family orfriends? You can pick up the phone and catch up if they are too far away—even a phone call can lift your spirits.

Some resources

  1. Ask your doctor, a friend or family member, someone from your congregation, or others in your community about support groups.

  2. Look on line or in the local paper for groups that share your interests—whether it’s knitting or playing softball.

  3. Pick up the phone and connect with others.


Some questions to think about

  1. Are you getting out and meeting people with your same interests? If you like art, try a gallery; if you enjoy history, visit historic sites.

  2. Are you open to meeting people from different backgrounds?

  3. Have you found a place to volunteer? You never know who you might meet.

Some resources

  1. Look in the newspaper to find out what is happening in your area that could be an opportunity to make friends.

  2. Keep an open mind and exercise your curious inquiry when meeting new people.

  3. Ask in your spiritual community or any other community about volunteer opportunities.

  4. Join meet-up groups online.


Some questions to think about

  1. Do you set aside quality time to spend with family and friends?

  2. Are you making time to go to places where you can meet new people, or visiting a new location?

Some resources

  1. Keep track of when you need to catch up with someone or when a friend or family member is due for a visit.

  2. Organize a calendar of events that would be good ways to connect, or reconnect, to friends, like a public concert or a class reunion.


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