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Love your heart and love your brain.

It's the month of love

Did you know that a healthy heart is critical to a healthy brain? Why? Because you need the blood to flow to your brain. You need to get oxygen to your brain. The brain uses 20% of oxygen and blood flow.

When your arteries get “clogged” it disrupts blood flow. How many of you live in a place where leaves clog your gutters? I imagine you spend some time unclogging your gutters.

Let’s look at how unclog arteries. Your brain uses 20 to 30 percent of the calories you consume.

  1. Eat healthy and smart: low in saturated fats, limit sugar, low-glycemic, high fiber carbs. Dr Amen Brain Health Specialist shares what he eats daily.

  2. Get active. Simply start by moving your body. Walk for 30 minutes a day or three times ten minutes.

  3. Check your weight

  4. Quit smoking

  5. Control cholesterol and blood pressure

  6. Drink alcohol in moderation - 1 glass a day

  7. Manage stress. Bad stress can shrink your brain. Thankfully, you can change your brain and change your life. Due to neuroplasticity, you can mold and reshape your brain.

Today the Joshua Gordon, Director of NIMH shared the importance of the Heart, Brain and Body Connection

May you have a healthy brain and heart health month.

Each month, we will explore some of the different risk factors attributed to a healthy brain and how to improve them.

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